Laura Stienstra

Social/Digital Specialist

Meme Queen

Laura is the master of the social media world for our clients. When she is not rollerblading or playing volleyball, she is ensuring our clients have a strong presence across all social platforms. Holding a degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from South Dakota State University, Laura plans and implements social and digital marketing strategies, as well as client reputation management. That is, of course, when she is not taking selfies, or sharing the latest meme!

Let's have a little fun....

What do you think about when you're alone in the car?

What song is coming up next and how I will perform it.

On any given weekend, where might we find you?

Out to brunch with friends, aimlessly roaming the aisles of Target, or binge-watching reality television with a glass of pinot grigio.

If I wasn't so darn good at my job, I'd be a...