Manufacturer Co-op Management

What if it was possible to advertise more and spend less money than you currently budget? For many of our customers that’s exactly what we are able to do. By managing your manufacturer co-op processes we’re able to maximize the impact of each dollar spent on advertising and make sure you’re taking full advantage of the possibilities that exist with the co-op programs.

Co-op Processing
Sterling eMarketing works with several manufacturers in the development and administration of co-op advertising dollars. Our goal is to set advertising budgets utilizing your co-op dollars, keeping your out of pocket expense down. Our responsibility is administrating the manufacturers co-op dollars to ensure every penny is spent and accounted for. It is our expertise, true commitment to customer service and proven track record that sets us apart from other ad agencies.
  • Monthly tracking of all co-op dollars earned on manufacturer sites
  • Preapprovals submitted to the manufacturers co-op vendor to ensure payment
  • Track all co-op money earned monthly on the manufacturer sites
  • File online with all the required documentation within 15 days after month end to ensure payment
  • Implement a system with your accounting department to ensure advertising co-op credits are identified via parts statements