Sterling eMarketing

Services Built for the Automotive Industry

Sterling eMarketing was founded by experienced automotive industry professionals and all of our services have been tailored specifically for increasing dealership profitability and efficiency. Each service has been designed for full-circle integration to achieve maximum results, but stand-alone services are also available to assist your dealership in gaining a competitive edge.

VIMS (Vehicle Inventory Management System)
Our proprietary software is designed to make your dealership more efficient and profitable. We have packaged and improved many functions and processes including inventory management, reporting, website integration, vehicle valuation, compliance tracking, analytics and much, much more.

Digital Advertising
Technology is constantly evolving and digital advertising becomes more important every day. Our experts have years of experience in this challenging market and can assist your dealership with website design, email marketing, SEO/SEM, social media, and all things digital.

Traditional Advertising
Traditional advertising such as newspaper, billboards, direct mail, TV and radio are still very effective advertising mediums. Using the right message and the right strategy in traditional media can make your digital advertising burst. Let us show you how to use newspaper, direct mail, TV and radio to support your overall advertising strategy.

Manufacturer Co-op Management
What could be better than advertising more and increasing your reach, all while spending the same or even less? Our co-op experts can manage and track your submissions from start to finish to help you get big returns for your advertising dollars.

Compliance Assurance
Legal compliance at a federal, state and manufacturer level has never been more important than it is right now. If your dealership advertising is not compliant you run the risk of severe penalties and sanctions. You can rely upon our experience to ensure you stay compliant.