Radio Production

You can see a lot with your ears…

Radio Production

… as every radio listener knows. With so many ways today to engage and listen electronically, radio production is more relevant than ever. It’s accessible on all electronic devices and people are listening! Over 90% of Americans tune into the radio on a weekly basis. Radio is a very powerful medium to advertise to a wide range of customers and age groups. Armed with research and market savvy, Sterling eMarketing won’t help you reach the most people – we’ll help you reach the right people.

Our in-house audio team will plan and produce radio advertising and station promotions with flawless technical execution. Writing scripts and producing content is their passion!

Fast, affordable and attention grabbing – Isn’t that what you want in your radio commercial?

  • On-location Audio
  • In-studio Audio
  • Copywriting
  • Production and Editing
  • Voiceover
  • Jingles

 Give us a chance to impress you (we’ll both lose money if you don’t!)

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