If you think compliance is expensive…


… try non-compliance! The laws and regulations for the automotive industry are constantly changing and it is our responsibility to keep up with those changes. Our compliance team stays up-to-date on all federal laws, state laws and manufacturer regulations. There are many working parts when building a culture of compliance, and we have developed a detailed compliance system for you to rely upon.


The Federal Trade Commission is the federal agency that governs both consumer protection and competition jurisdiction in broad sectors of the economy including the automotive industry. While they have many guidelines in place their federal codes are not always easy to understand. Based on our review and research we have policies and procedures that outline our interpretation of the federal code and continue to build as the government implements new codes.


While most state laws are consistent with federal laws, each state does have the ability to set forth their own terms in which the automotive industry must follow. Every state is different. Our policies and procedures take state regulations into consideration and outlines what you have to do to achieve compliance in correlation with both federal and state laws.


The automotive industry is also given guidelines from each individual manufacturer which in return regularly offers rewards in the form of incentives. Our media division passes all advertising through each individual manufacturer’s compliance team to ensure that you meet their standards and qualify for all manufacturer incentives.

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