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Ways to Adjust Your Media Strategy During a Political Season

Advertising during a political season can be a confusing and challenging experience even for the most experienced of media buyers. Do you know how political season could be affecting your media plan? We do, and we are here to help you.

The year 2016 was unprecedented for political advertising, and the landscape seems to be ever changing. Being aware and proactive with your media mix during political season has never been more important. Political ads, especially messages with a negative tone, can be a turn off for consumers. So, how do you make sure your message still gets heard through all the noise?

Make sure your agency is prepared for the political season by asking these key questions

1. What are the political windows for our markets?
2. What does the impact of political season mean for our advertising mix?
3. Which weeks, if any, should be avoided outright?
4. Should we consider other advertising mediums during this timeframe?

Additionally, here are some thoughts to consider during political season:

  1. Keep in mind the lowest unit charge law. Remember that political advertisers are entitled to the lowest unit rate available by the station. This law often leads to rates being driven up.
  2. Consider shifting budgets to new media avenues to combat the flood of political ads in traditional spaces. Explore less crowded avenues such as digital, cable, or outdoor to help spend more productively.
  3. Do your research. Beware of skyrocketing rates in battleground states or in areas with highly contested races or issues so that you can secure the best deal for your client.
  4. Set realistic expectations when negotiating rates during political windows. Have the conversation with your vendors and see if the rising rates still make sense for your client.
  5. Plan ahead and be flexible. If you need to be on TV or radio during election season, buying early can help control costs, and being flexible with your expectations will help when any preemptions come through.

Political season can be a tough time of the year for advertisers, but you can make it easier by being proactive and knowledgeable about your market circumstances.

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