Is Hiring an Advertising Agency Worth the Investment?

If you own or operate a business, you need customers. Although advertising and marketing may have changed, this never has.  Getting those customers is one of the greatest challenges in business. Because of the importance and complexity of this challenge, all businesses need to have an effecting marketing plan to survive and thrive.


The online world has exploded. Companies now compete for consumer attention through search platforms, social media networks, display ads, streaming audio and video, and the digital list goes on. Yet with this ever-present digital world, traditional media is still very present and alive. Television, radio, print, billboard…all remain very relevant in today’s marketing world. In this fragmented media space, companies need to ensure that their marketing efforts are well executed, easily located online, and creative enough to stand out amongst increased competition for consumer attention.


Many tenacious business owners believe they can roll up their sleeves and tackle their marketing efforts on their own. This is part of today’s DIY line of thinking. However, the problem with this line of thinking when it comes to advertising is the challenge of the seemingly endless moving parts needed for a successful marketing campaign. There are creative aspects of copywriting, graphic design and photography. There are the technical aspects of web development, audio production and video production. Then we throw in managing and maintaining multiple social media platforms and implementing and optimizing internet search campaigns. And then there are the vendors…many vendors. Collateral materials like brochures, posters etc require print vendors. Traditional and digital media distribution requires working with station or digital vendors. With each vendor you work with, you’ll need to negotiate pricing, communicate creative traffic information, request applicable reporting information and so on. As you can see, this level of effort takes away valuable time from business owners and their employees.

Additional Benefits of Working with an Agency

Hiring an advertising agency has many significant advantages over going it alone or hiring additional staff. Among the many additional benefits of working with an experienced agency are:


Inspiration and fresh perspective on your business

Having a fresh set of eyes on your business can bring a much-needed infusion of new ideas. Your agency will not be stuck in the rut of doing and saying things the way they have always been before.


A dedicated agency staff focused on your campaign will always be quicker than trying to run a campaign at the same time you are juggling everything else required of your business. This allows for business owners and their staff to focus on their operational needs

No additional employee overhead

Working with an agency means you do not have to spend the additional money on not only employee wages, but the overhead expenses that come along with additional staff. This includes the mounting costs of employee benefits such as vacation time and health insurance. You also avoid the time, expense and effort required to train new staff.

The question you need to leave with isn’t “can I afford to hire an ad agency?” But rather, “how much are you costing yourself in time, money and opportunities by trying to operate your business, while struggling to manage your marketing efforts?” At Sterling eMarketing our primary goal is to ensure that your business is successful.

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